Great Reads: What a Down Trend Looks Like

. August 21, 2011
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Trading and Investing

Diversify across strategies, not just asset classes. (SSRN)

Long-term moving averages confirm downward market trends. (ETF Replay)

Are stocks cheap? Bonds expensive? Both? Neither? (Reuters)
Growth is stalling in the core of Europe. (Reformed Broker)

Detroit is an example of why "rent vs. buy" math is too simplistic. (Barry Ritholtz)

An insightful list of trading positions that have short gamma. (Surly Trader)

Someone's smart. Doesn't mean he should run a fund. (Reformed Broker)

Michael Lewis on the Euro zone crisis: an interesting read. (Vanity Fair)


Another person unprepared for his interview. (Dilbert)


Wall Street stampede. (Reformed Broker)

"Thank goodness we fought foreclosure." (Surly Trader)

The "work from home" experiment. (Dilbert)
Plan. (Dilbert)
Intuition. (Dilbert)

Mathematics. (Abstruse Goose)

So hard to find. (This Is Indexed)
Et, tu, Brute? (This Is Indexed)

Just for Laughs Gags. This channel should win an award. (YouTube)


John Piper: Do something risky with your life.