Great Reads: Can You Handle the Truth?

. August 3, 2011
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Do we really love the truth, or do we try to hide from it? (Seth Godin)
When you challenge people, their beliefs get irrationally stronger. (Not So Smart)
How to handle difficult conversations. (Seth Godin)

On authority and responsibility at work. (Seth Godin)
Build a business marketing information. (Early to Rise)

Should you work for free to gain exposure? (Seth Godin)
Position yourself by promising, "This is what I'll never do." (Seth Godin)

Technology reduces the need for labor, but someone's hiring. (Reformed Broker)

Trading and Investing

A very comprehensive retirement calculator. Click the tabs. (FireCalc)

Trend-following keeps you out of the market in volatile times. (CXO Advisory)

Large institutions are too big to time the market, so they don't try. (ETF Replay)

Some ETF options have higher implied volatilities than index options. (SSRN)

Construction on the world's tallest building has begun. (Reformed Broker)
Record-breaking skyscrapers may indicate stock market tops. (CXO Advisory)

Churches still feel the effects of reduced giving from the 2008 crisis. (Ed Stetzer)

CAPM doesn't work. Why does your money manager use it? (Empirical Finance)

Living Abroad

This company provides international health insurance. (

Warlords in Somalia. (The Reformed Broker)

Christian Living

A "man-votional." (Art of Manliness)

"Men wouldn't look at me when I was skinny." (Fabsharford)


"The way to effect global change is to start with the microscopic." (Cole-Slaw)

Think to the next generation. Not succession, but sacrifice. (Cole-Slaw)

Missions has become compartmentalized, a "special" ministry. (Ed Stetzer)


Your calling may not be the same as your career.