Great Reads: Trading. Do You Have What It Takes?

. August 7, 2011
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Trading and Investing

Self-screening for aspiring traders. (Carnegie Mellon)

A moving average keeps you out of the most volatile markets. (Mebane Faber)
Stock picking ability alone doesn't protect you in market crashes. (ETF Replay)

Short-term news distracts you from what's really happening. (Reformed Broker)
Academic research isn't as objective as most people think. (Empirical Finance)

Don't over-react to the S&P downgrade. (Aleph Blog)
Six financial bloggers weigh in on the downgrade. (Reformed Broker)
Viewpoints on the loss of the U.S. AAA credit rating. (Reuters)

Living Abroad

This woman retired early and self-funded a retirement abroad. (JetSetCitizen)
Some places have more regulatory freedom than the U.S. (Live Overseas)


When to set your alarm clock. (Seth Godin)

Marriage and Family

When sex is cheap, men have less motivation to succeed. (Slate)
The Pornification of American Culture, Part 2. (Ed Stetzer)

Walking with God

Five ways to help the poor. (He forgot one: industrialization.) (Ed Stetzer)
New research on global evangelicalism. (Ed Stetzer)

Do you really need eight spatulas? (No Regrets)
Great tips for encouraging others. (No Regrets)

This earthly father was a shadow of the heavenly. (Fabs Harford)
A thought on grief. (Fabs Harford)
Eight ways to steal glory from God. (Fabs Harford)


This is a song about a father and his daughter.