Great Reads: Vision, Sacrifice, and Ethics

. July 26, 2011
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Men have a need to provide vision and leadership.
(Art of Manliness)

Why sacrifice is a reflection of your value system.
(Art of Manliness)

There's no such thing as "business ethics." (Seth Godin)

A strong personal philosophy will guide you to guilt-free, goal-driven action. (Early to Rise)

What does an ethical work environment look like? (Aleph Blog)

Millennials have a sense of entitlement at work? (CNN)

Be ruthless: Politically incorrect time management tips. (Early to Rise)
Perfectionism and success are not the same thing. (Early to Rise)

Good ideas are now more important than quick delivery. (Seth Godin)
Where good ideas come from. (YouTube)

How get your own (Shoe String Branding)

Personal Finance

Ten people who won the lottery - then lost it all. (Business Pundit)

How one American family gave half its money away. (USA Weekend)
How every American can give: Bill and Melinda Gates. (USA Weekend)

Find the best deal on flights and other travel expenses. (
Break the Starbucks habit and save big. (Coffee Cost Calculator)
Starbucks to raise packaged coffee price by 17 percent. (MSNBC)
Save money, live better, and cook it at home. (Pennies On a Platter)

"I'm not a have or a have-not. I'm more of a have-to-have." (Cartoon Stock)

Foreign holders of U.S. debt up fourfold since 2001. (The Reformed Broker)

Trading and Investing

On using multiple signals in a trading portfolio. (Quantum Financier)


Children and the (good) life changes they bring. (No Regrets)

What's a girl to do? (Boundless Line)


Book review: Avoiding the Tentmaker Trap. (Ruth's Secret Roses)

Someone needs to start a blog about tentmaking. (Google Search)

How does living in a comfortable environment affect us? (Boundless Line)

Walking with God

If you're really humble, do you know it? (Marriage Education)
Norah Jones tries not to think about how popular she is. (YouTube)

"Be kind to everyone you meet, for everyone is waging a terrible internal battle." (Boundless)


Christian Dating: This will make you either cry or laugh.