Great Reads: Living Abroad!

. July 17, 2011
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Living Abroad

How to retire abroad – 7 key considerations. (EscapeFromAmerica)

Can you retire overseas for $500 per month? (JetSetCitizen)
Settling down costs a lot of money. (JetSetCitizen)
"Less stuff really does mean more life." (JetSetCitizen)

How one family invested their way into a mobile lifestyle. (FamilyOnBikes)

Personal Finance

What does God's Word say about borrowing money? (Boundless)

Trading and Investing

The best investing book I've read in the past three years. (The Ivy Portfolio

"Investors overpay for volatile stocks over the long haul." (CXO Advisory)

Testing a simple trend-following filter. (Automated Trading System)
Diversification: a free lunch? (Automated Trading System)
"Swarm management" simplifies a trading portfolio. (Automated Trading System)

Marriage and Family

On broken engagements and broken Christians. (Boundless podcast)


The Secret Powers of Time

Happy Birthday

The Reformed Trader was conceived on July 9, 2011. The site became a reality eight days later. (If only all pregnacies could occur so smoothly and speedily!) Thank you to Ting, Keith, Norman, Kelly, Aldi, and the Lux family. By God's providence, you made this possible.