Great Reads: Land Your Dream Job

. July 22, 2011
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How to market yourself to find your dream job.
(CFA Institute podcast)

"The benefits of a (mostly) complete understanding in a field." (Seth Godin)

"Hone this remarkable human trait." (Early to Rise)

Affordable business cards. Market yourself! (Staples)

Personal Finance

Consumer debt is back on the upswing. (About)
How Americans' love affair with debt has grown. (The Atlantic)

Ten things to know about how to control debt. (CNN Money)

"Republican or Democratic president, the debt grows either way." (SurlyTrader)

Trading and Investing

An investment: tax-free, low-risk, with guaranteed returns? (MoneyTipCentral)

Markets move more than traditional models say they should. (SharpeInvesting)
What caused the 1987 stock market crash? (1987 Crash Page)
Everyone continues to underestimate stock market risks. (TradersNarrative)

"How to tell if someone’s is a truly great trader." (StromMacro)

The Golden Cross: testing variations on a trend-following system. (MarketSci)

How fast will your money double? (BetterExplained)


Is strict parenting better for children? (Guardian)

Sex, lies, and the hook-up culture on college campuses. (US Catholic)

Delayed gratification: The Marshmallow Test. (YouTube)


This 3-D printer is straight out of a sci-fi film.
O Traditional Manufacturing! Your days are numbered.