Great Reads: Fundraising to Tentmaking

. July 30, 2011
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Sometimes it's necessary to move from fundraising to tentmaking.
(Missionary Confidential)

Living Abroad

Does living overseas cost more or less?
(Live and Invest Overseas)

Property overseas can be expensive to hold.
(Live and Invest Overseas)

Traveling too much can be counterproductive. (JetSetCitizen)

"The world's most romantic oceanside retirement." (Live and Invest Overseas)


How one writer found his vocation. (Art of Manliness)
"The purpose in life is not to find yourself. It's to lose yourself." (NY Times)

On being a gentleman in the age of the Internet. (Art of Manliness)

Ignore things that are easy to do, but avoid the impossible. (Seth Godin)
The more famous you are, the more criticism will come your way. (Seth Godin)

Is there a "success pill?" (Procrastination Equation)

Trading and Investing

"Individual stock investors tend to underdiversify and overtrade." (CXO Advisory)
On the "magic formula:" don't take claims at face value. (CXO Advisory)

Taxes make a difference when you rebalance your portfolio. (Empirical Finance)

Are REITs a good substitute for real estate? (CXO Advisory)
Should you buy a house? (No Regrets Singles)

The power of compound interest. (YouTube


Challenging men and women to encourage each other. (Boundless Line)

What's your favorite old-fashioned movie? (Boundless Line)


How to make an origami pop-up card. Surprise someone you love!